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    Quote Originally Posted by rdlangston13 View Post
    I don't think y'all's systems will work that well on my boat since I don't have the reversible pumps

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    I had my IBS fill off my Ski Locker bag in the 08. I used the upper port on the Ski Locker bag and drilled a hole into the ski locker, then ran that hose to my IBS.

    I used 2 aerator pumps, one on each leg and tied those into the wires on the factory ski locker drain. I changed the fuse to a 10amp from a 2.5amp and never had an issue.

    I ran both drains to a Y and added a thu-hull on the front next to the Ski Locker thru-hull drain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jstenger View Post
    Search my posts. I added an IBS and aereater pumps to my OBV.
    Me too. On my obv 2007 .
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