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    Default no more seadoo new 13 mobius

    picked up this 13 mobius lsv used with 90 hours, has gravity 3 ballast and ibs upfront. this is our first v drive as we came from a seadoo jetboat but tired of a washy wake and excited to start surfing more, any knowledge or issues with this boat greatly appreciated.

    image1 (1).jpgimage3 (2).jpgimage2 (3).jpg

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    Nice boat. Love the green.

    You might consider having the flow surf system installed.

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    Nice looking boat.

    '13 Moomba's, If you experience issues with the wakeplate moving from where you set it or not where the gauge not matching where it is, there is software update that should correct it.
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    great looking LSV. Love my 2006, same hull as yours. You'll need to take some time playing around with your setup for ideal surf conditions. My LSV loves weight. Learn the ins and outs of everything, best advice is to learn enough to do all of your own maintenance.
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    I plan on doin all the maintnence other then the prop alignment, the fluids are pretty straight forward and not as big of pain to get to like the seadoo i had, but as far as where to drain engine oil where does that drain from? And vdrive and transmision u just suck out the dipstick if i am correct? Will be tackling impellar change in the upcoming weeks aswell

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    Do the same with the engine oil as the vdrive, nice looking boat
    Hey, Its Moomba time

    Its all about the dash - enjoy the dash, as that is your time between the dates
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    Default Re: no more seadoo new 13 mobius

    Another seadoo upgrader!

    What did you have before? I had a speedster twin and then a challenger 1800. You'll be amazed at the drivability of the moomba..
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    Quote Originally Posted by parrothd View Post
    Another seadoo upgrader!

    What did you have before? I had a speedster twin and then a challenger 1800. You'll be amazed at the drivability of the moomba..
    I had a seadoo utopia fun boat to drive but just wasnt cutting it for wakeboarding and surfing was out of the question

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    Congrats on the new boat. Good looking setup
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    Default no more seadoo new 13 mobius

    Looks good, congrats!

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