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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeman131 View Post
    From page 24 of your Owner's Manual:

    "Your mooring cover is not designed for trailering. Trailering with your cover installed may cause premature cover failure and boat damage. This damage is not warrantable."

    Yup that's true, but in my case living in the PNW I'm not towing my boat in the rain.
    The older covers like my LSV was not a tow cover but I towed limited times with it.

    The supra line he's always had a better quality and fit cover. I think Moomba line is adapting this now.

    Evolution covers run from 900 up depending on how many options you want.

    Options like mine has, color of main material color inserts to match my strip, embroidery done on the front and back. Tower strap.
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