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    Ya its a large market but way smaller in canada and how do you get that boat across the border? Reported stolen so your dealing juat in canada... amd in alberta there isnt much for lakes either...

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    Default Boat Stolen in Edmonton....

    Quote Originally Posted by mmandley View Post
    That's exactly it, a huge market is growing for boat stuff.
    They steal a high end boat. Strip the trailer of wheels brakes leds.
    Strip the boat, of everything, engine,drive train, stereo, electronics, windshield, tower, interior.

    Then you buy a garbage looking repo, drop all the new gear on it.

    Flip it for an extra 15k

    Money in the bank and the only time your in jeopardy is when you have the original boat and trailer. Once you dump that nothing is real traceable.
    You sound too knowledge Mike. Do you know some guys?

    On a serious note - Hope they find the Supra soon.
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    Another theory is it will be re vined and detailed as so its not recognizable the trailer will be registered as a home built then it might be sold across the country like in Ontario or Quebec .
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    Our it was repossessed.

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    Default Boat Stolen in Edmonton....

    More than likely repo in broad daylight

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    There are lots of lakes up around the edmonton area. It could end up hidden for awhile then throw some new fake registartion numbers on the side , and throw it in the water and take there chances. We have two major SC dealers up this way that have done some serious Sc volumes over the years and likely its not that original looking. Unless someone gets up real close and actually checks , this could actually happen.
    I have a buddy who i thought had an original looking Supra Worlds, Saw him on a local lake one day ,to wheel up beside only to find out it was NOT him or his boat... Coincidentally it was a guy who worked at the same boat dealership they both worked at and at the time of BOTH there Dads ordering boats, Both were identical.

    The strip it and sell off parts theory could very well be likely as well.
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