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    Default 2000 Mobius tower add-on's budget friendly0


    The boat didn't come with tower speakers, and I'd like to install a set. I don't want to spend a grip of cash, though, cause the boat doesn't get used that much. That said, we only wake surf 99% of the time, so I'm not really looking for a tower set-up that I can hear 80ft behind the boat.

    I just want a decently loud set of tower speakers in addition to the 4 interior speakers. I am totally ignorant to this audio jarg, so bear with me.

    Could I get away with picking up two tower cans (ebay), a set of pioneer car speakers, and an amp from wal-mart or something of that nature?

    Any thoughts on these:

    I appreciate the insight, fellas.

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    I'd say no, unless you're wanting to have crap in your boat that you'll have to replace later anyway when you figure out you're dissatisfied. That said, there's a couple kicker amps for sale on this forum for $100 each that would do you good for boat and tower speakers. I went the 'budget' route and got some bazooka compression horn tubbies for my tower. I wanted the compression horn technology that projects the sound out over the water more.

    i got a sweet deal on my 8" compression horn tubbies when I stole them for $160 new. But I can't find any deals like that. All I'm finding is the 6.6" ones for around $240. Then you have to get clamps.

    I'd stick with brand names (or at least mid tier brand names) when it comes to tower speakers...
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    Had this setup on my Stingray before I sold it. Had 2 8" and 2 6.5". sound was decent for the price. But like trayson said, you will probably replace in a year or two.

    all four speakers we're powered through a cheap Pyle amp

    like I said, decent sound for the price, comparable to my buddies system on his Mastercraft that he paid three times as much.
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    Give Brian at Exile a call. I went with just 2 of the SXT65 (have 4 now) for a season. Love them.
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    Default 2000 Mobius tower add-on's budget friendly0

    I'm selling the tower speakers, tower amp and cabin amp out of my '13 Mojo. Would suit you pretty well at $500 total. Check out my thread in the moomba classifieds.

    With that said, +1 for Exile if you are willing to invest. I'm not afraid to say I want one of the best stereos on the lake... That's why I'm upgrading.

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