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    Default Shane Stillman to Centurion

    just saw his Facebook update saying thanks for past opportunities and looking forward to designing boat for centurion. hate to see him go. Good luck to ya brother

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    Yep I talked to him a couple weeks back about this. Lots of choices went into him changing companies. Sad day for SC to lose him. There is reasons for everything, I hope Shane gets what he wants and I hope SC keeps moving forward.
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    I enjoyed meeting shane in cali a few years ago and seemed like a great guy(although he should remember to bring a surfrope when demo'ing a surfboat ). I would say it's a loss for SC, but there's many other talented people that are bringing the boats to market. He's built some solid foundations for the brand to continue to move upward and I would expect to continue to see great things from the talented staff left at SC.

    based on what I have seen out of centurion lately, one of the best surfhulls in the industry but overpriced and lacking in interior fit/finish/quality. he's got his work cut out for him..
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