Okay, so in an attempt to extend my season I am looking at getting a new wetsuit or drysuit. I am noticing that there is a pretty big jump in pricing from one vs the other.

I winterize my boat usually in November and get it out in March / April time frame. I have zero desire to ski in the true winter months just because I don't feel like re-winterizing after ever day on the lake. I live in Atlanta and believe the water gets in the mid 40's at the coldest part of the year. I think its in the 50's now so I am looking for something that works well for 50 degree water and up.

For those of you that have tried both what would you recommend? Does the dry suite really keep all the water out and keep you really warm. I also noticed that the dry suits are kind of bulky, would that work with a life jacket on?

One final thought, what about your feet. I assume you have to go without anything on your feet when wakeboarding just because of the bindings but for surfing do you wear boots as well.

Anything else I'm forgetting about would be good too.