Ok so those of you who have been on here for a while know I work in the evil oil field. Well since November I have been working in a project off the coast of New Zealand on a brand new ultra deep water drill ship and our project here has come to an end. Tomorrow we will head out towards the Gulf of Mexico where our next project is. We will "steam" (more like electrify) across the South Pacific to Chile where we will navigate through the Magellan Straights coming out in the Atlantic Ocean. Once we make it to the Atlantic we sail north to Bahia Blanca, Argentina and this is where I will be getting off the ship and on a plane for home. The ship will refuel and then continue to the gulf where I will meet it. Should be a heck of a trip and I keep hearing awesome things about these Magellan Straights so hopefully I can snap some pictures.

Just a little info on the ship.
Noble Bob Douglas is a 6th Gen ultra deep water drill ship. Left the Hyundai ship yard in October of last year. We are around 739 ft long and 120 ft wide and draft 40 ft. We have 6 retractable azimuth thrusters that will power us to a blistering 11 knot too speed lol. Don't think we will be breaking any speed records! Should take us 25 days to get to Argentina

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