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Thread: trailer tires

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    One of the benefits of going with a higher load range tire, as I understand it, is the higher air pressure allows for more heat which allows for higher speeds. C rated tires are 65mph max. I would imagine some tow at speeds higher than that? I do.

    This is the MC thread I learned about the Kumho tires. Post #147 page 15 states the tire has a Q speed rating = 99 mph.
    I like that it gives you a higher safety factor. Over the top? Maybe?

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    This is the exact link to those tires

    Looks like a great tire. I would go with D range if its my option to buy tires.

    Last summer I didn't consider it MY OPTION it was required at a fuel stop LOL.

    I am lucky enough in OR that our speed limit it technically 60 for trailers, but we can go 65 without to much law enforcement issues.

    I have pulled my boat as fast as 90 passing people.

    When we went on the trip to AZ I tended to stay around 70 most of the time even with a speed limit of 75 most of the way.

    I found at 70 I was going faster then your average semi so I could choose when to pass them, but not being ran over by regular cars.
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    Rating is a comparable to bias plys and its directly related to capable pressures which can translate to a stronger tire and higher weight capabilities but not always, the max load rating is the definitive identifier of capable weight of each tire. You don't want to have a way over rated tire that have a very stiff ride that is going to beat the crud out of your boat unnecessarily and cost more.

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