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    Default In cabin speakers

    Excuse the noob question, but I have a chance to pick up some Polk DB675s -- would those generally perform better than the stock in cabins that come standard on the Moombas?

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    the newer kickers and polks are pretty close. The polks were a big upgrade from the older model kenwoods in the 05 to 08 years
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    I have heard the kickers are an improvement. I being in the group mentioned, 07 having the kenwoods replaced by the polks found it to be a day and knight improvement. It definetely worked for me.

    You could do like many or most on here are doing now and going up to the next level and go Exile or Wetsounds etc, But there is a big price difference.
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    Since you are considering going with a larger speaker that requires a larger mounting hole, check out the all new Kicker KM8. Comes with a white and charcoal grill. True marine speaker with a grill mounted tweeter as opposed to a pole mounted tweeter. They are also available with an RGB LED on the back of the tweeter. Far more mid-bass and output then the OEM Kicker.

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