Just learned something new. My trailer is due for a little more love: inspect/replace bearings, seals, brakes, etc. Decided to call around and see how much it would be to just bring it in and be done vs DIY.

Guy at the first shop told me I'm illegal only having brakes on the front of my tandem axle. WA State requires for anything over 3,000 gross weight that all wheels touching the ground have brakes. Not sure when that law came into effect or if there are any exemptions. Mine is a 2001 and came from Oregon which doesn't have this law so maybe?

Option 1 - new dual axle surge brakes setup = $2k range.

Option 2 - convert to dual axle electric brake setup (drums) = $1k range.


From just a brief bit of web research this is definitely the law. Not sure if there are exemptions allowed or not. Rumors are that if you got in a wreck, you would be liable and since the trailer is not up to spec that your insurance may be null and void.


Anyone else know the details on this and if any exceptions are allowed?

Anyone else here from WA with a tandem just realizing "Ah #$%&!, I only have brakes on one axle..."