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    the kenwood 10 in my supra was free air. it sounded ok but again was nothing to brag about. felt like it was bottoming out on some of the more bass heavy tracks. granted it was not a high quality speaker to begin with.

    I'm a believer that you buy the right sub and either ported or sealed box to match. free air = bad
    There is an issue possibly with the specific subwoofer and the implementation. OEM often used Kenwood and Kenwood Excelon subwoofers in 'free air' applications. Kenwood, to my knowledge, has never actually made a free air sub other than the white dedicated marine sub. Some of the factory systems had the sub mounted in the kick panel facade which was completely open over the top. So even a true free air sub wouldn't have a chance to perform. If it was an automotive air suspension sub used in a free air application then it was underdamped and it was in fact bottoming out. That type of sub is dependent on the rigid air spring of a small sealed enclosure to control the cone motion and protect it from excessive excursion.

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    Ok I am doing a major clean up on my cousins MC Prostar 209 this winter. So far it has had gel redone, interior being done and a bunch of mechanical work done. They have used this boat since 01 and used its a lot lol. There main concern is a new stereo, but all they want is a fairly normal system, with I pod connection. I know nothing about stereo's, can I have your recommendations?


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    Boom, best way to go is start your own thread with what you have and what he wants from the system. All the info up front and goals out of it with info on his short term and longer term budget would help. Good luck to you!
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