So here is what I have bought this offseason.

6x 6.5" kicker 100w rms tower speakers
4x 6" cabin speakers 65w rms
1x 10" rockford fosgate 300w rms sub
Rockford fosgate 600w 4 channel marine amp
Rockford fosgate 600w 5 channel amp
Rockford fosgate rfl4d 4 gauge dual amp wiring kit

I plan to run the 6 tower speakers off the 4 channel amp and the cabin speakers and sub off the 5 channel. I'm new at this whole stereo setup thing. From my research, this seems like it should do the job.

I am also looking at adding a wetsounds ws 420 to control the tower speakers separate from the cabin and amp.

I am wondering if I am on the right track to an awesome sounding stereo?
And if anyone has any suggestions or advise. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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