Hello all... long time lurker first time poster.

I've searched many many sites and spoken to a few people about prop selection but can't find any info relating to my specific DD and 3 blade props.

I've been told and have read that 3 blades are better on the 1:1 ratio for DD's - I'm okay with this.

I'm hoping someone might have experience with either the Acme 543 or the 1229...

The boat is an 07 mob LS 21' DD - we usually ride with 6-8 adults on board, Gravity III system filled, + #1000 between two other bags, an extra #700 for surfing.

With that setup the stock prop is obviously not cutting it, but it's hasn't ever failed to get a rider up.

I'd hate to go too extreme re-propping which makes me afraid of the 1229, I don't mind scrubbing 4-5 mph off the top but sometimes getting to the glass quickly is nice.

tl,dr: Do I go with a 543 or a 1229