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Kaneboats nailed it... as a California guy who married a Milwaukee-born wife, we've ended up living in Chicago but escaping to Northern Wisconsin for many enjoyable lake vacations (on the same lake that her family has been vacationing on for 30+ years).

Now that we've bought the lake home + new Mobius LSV, I'm now an official tax-paying Wisconsin homeowner! Although I'm trying to figure out if I can get away with flying a Chicago Bears flag from our beach without getting our place torched by our neighbors....
We've hung people for less you FIB!

I have friends that have a place on dollar and we spend a week at Lac Du Lune west of Land o lakes. Anvil is a great lake and Eagle River is a awesome northern town I love it up there. Do yourself a favor and go watch the Great Outdoors with John Candy! Oh and SandM is a great guy.