I just pulled home a 2009 Outback V. This is our first v drive boat as we always had i/o's with only 2 or 4 cabin speakers and no amps. So the setup as is actually sounds good compared to what we are used to. However, upon all of the reading I have done on here, it sounds like my current setup is just... 'eh'. OEM Kicker cabins x6 with a Kicker zx200.4 amp. Also, 2 Boss tower 6x9's with a JBL MA 6004 or 6002 amp. I have no idea about any of this, but I do have a buddy that is good with hooking them up. So I am looking at the question of if I am going to upgrade this, what is the most efficient way to do it? Can I use any of what I currently have and make it worth spending the money? Or just leave as is? Thanks so much in advance. It seems like my tower speakers are about one tenth the cost of the high end ones that are discussed.