So ask yourself - what are you going to gain from a new(er) boat?

How long is your season?

Do either of those help justify the idea? ($ aside)

Then come back to what/where is your 02 lacking?

Would it make sense to pimp out the 02 a little more vs. upgrade?

For perspective - I used to think I'd jump on a newer boat in a heartbeat if the budget was there. But reality check is that our season ISN'T there. Came to the realization (yet again) I'd rather have more time on the water in THIS boat than make payments on something sitting in the driveway the majority of the year. Spend the $$ on more gas.

That's gotta be the 12,317th time you've heard that...

Now if I lived in a place with a 6-8 month season, I'm thinking the new(er) big(ger) boat idea would probably win out eventually.