Some of these stories are funny. I have never lent my boat out, but would to a few select friends that have allowed me to use theirs. I will admit, I will not try and borrow a boat again. We had no boat in 2011 so my neighbor Jeff let me take his to TN and I hit a bridge with the anchor light. Not as bad as it sounds, but could have been worse. Who would have have thought that in 1 hour after dropping off the wives and 4 little kids my buddy and I run to the marina and the water level+lighted load raised the boat enough to hit the bridge, had 4" of clearance before. Man those Nautique lights are expensive. Later the same summer my buddy Ray had is boat at Norris and offered for me to use it and tow it back for him. On the tight roads leading back to our condo, two trailers passing don't work so well. I caught the prop guard on when I dropped a wheel off the blacktop. Trashed prop guard. That has yet to be repaired, since I had already purchased a spare rim and tire for him. Maybe since I have his boat in my warehouse I will fix it and see if he notices.