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    No way! There are only a few people in the world I would trust with my boat and none of them are even family members. You can find them right here on this board!
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    no on renting mine out--now a couple board members on here could borrow it if needed as they have already drivin it. not even sure I would want to rent someone else's
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    No way I would rent mine out. I wouldn't even let my father take it out by himself, let alone some stranger. Hell my wife will barley drive it.
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    There are probably 3 guys I would let take my boat. All are best friends who own their own boats and I have been boating with for 10+ yrs. All would return it in perfect condition.

    My brother on the other hand was dumb enough a few years back to start renting his out locally to make a few extra bucks. One afternoon he gets a call from the person who rented his boat and said a big storm blew in and the waves were crashing over the bow (it was a Ski Centurian with a really low nose if I remember correctly) and the boat was sinking. They called 911, got the coast guard out, but by then the boat had sunk! Thank goodness it was in shallow water and everyone was ok. The coast guard hooked up a tow rope and dragged it back in and up the ramp on its side. Sad day for sure...He learned a lesson for sure though.
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    Default Mercury Marine Survey - Would you loan out YOUR boat?

    I would be hard pressed to let someone take my boat, don't see it happening. my son turns 16 in July and he's already asking to take it, and my truck, out with his friends while I'm at work I've raised a crazy person I guess
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    Default Re: Mercury Marine Survey - Would you loan out YOUR boat?

    If I lived somewhere with a year round season I'd be open to it, big deposit and extra insurance and post inspection..

    I only have about 5+ months here in Chicago, that doesn't leave many weekends available with weather etc, etc, plus if something goes wrong the boat would be unavailable making the season even shorter..

    But if the boat was sitting for long periods you could be really picky and rent it a few times a year which might cover a lot of payments...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikenehrkorn View Post
    I think it's safe to say that most of the type 1 personalities on this forum would give a big NOPE to that question.....and personally I would have to think long and hard about even loaning it out to family let alone some total stranger off the street!!!
    Type 1! WTF?!!! I used to be a type 1 but now I have aged gracefully!! That is pure BS about this forum being a bunch of Type 1s!!!

    And rent my boat to some vacationing a$$wipe?? F-NO! But like mentioned before, I would rent someone else's if they are stupid enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc5695 View Post

    Anyways, no WAY I'd let some stranger go run my boat aground or jump on the seats with their shoes on or let their kids spill red Fanta all over the light colored carpet.

    Would I rent one, maybe...
    That would be a hell to the mother f-ing NO..

    Orange Fanta?! Can you imagine the kids eating a bag of Cheetos on your boat?? Haha

    My sister and her family live in Malaysia and they rent a Mastercraft occasionally on the weekends, but that comes with a driver. I would consider taking someone else out if they want to rent me and my boat...this way I am there to monitor everyone. I think they pay around $200 USD per hour. ...which is about what I pay an hour to own and operate my own boat ( loan payment, insurance, gas, winter storage, etc.).
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    Default Mercury Marine Survey - Would you loan out YOUR boat?

    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    No way! There are only a few people in the world I would trust with my boat and none of them are even family members. You can find them right here on this board!
    I feel the exact same way.
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    Default Mercury Marine Survey - Would you loan out YOUR boat?

    Why not, I mean what's the worst that could happen.

    One of my idiot friends loaned my dad his boat back in '06. Some how the alarms on the outboard were disabled and the impeller quit peeing and blah blah, no more compression. I was actually moving into a new house at the time and missed the week long trip which is why he borrowed the boat (notice he didn't borrow mine !!). We got moved in and decided to rally over to the vacation spot for a few days, when I arrived people told me the boat was broken. I was like no biggie we can get it running and they were like NO, it doesn't have any compression.
    Then they said he ran WFO the whole time and blew it up. So to this day we still make fun of my friend and talk about my dad running his boat WFO until it grenaded. $11k later it had a new outboard at my buddies expense, so by the time we all die we should have our $11k out of this story.

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