I know these seem like simple questions but since this is my first boat, I figured I would ask the pros especially if there are clear choices I am not aware of. I have a list of items to get together that I have pulled from past posts on this forum but I am trying to finalize a couple of smaller items on my list.

1. I have already purchased the jumper balls for fenders since that was recommended here but what do most people use to attach these to the boats and what length?

2. I am also looking at the box anchor. I know they claim that you need less line with the box anchor. Do you use an anchor buddy type of product or something else and once again, what length. I know this varies depending on conditions. Our boat will rarely be kept on the water and when it is, it will likely be anchored off shore.

3. What do people use for dock lines to tie to the dock if needed and is there a recommended length.

4. Do I really need a tow rope?

As you can tell, I am not exactly sure what I need as far as ropes/lines go because I wasn't sure if some of these can cross over and be used for multiple different purposes. I do want to make sure if purchase what I need though.

Thanks for your help!

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