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Thread: Brackish Water

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    Default Brackish Water

    I bought a boat that had been used in brackish. After a year of tlc it finally looks good again. The comments above about the trailer are spot on. I bought a new trailer for the boat and when I hauled the old one to the scrap yard the main runners of the frame snapped in two pieces. The boat was the only thing holding the trailer together. IMO it's not worth it.
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    I use mine in mixed conditions and paid extra for a galvanized trailer and flush kit. If you wash/ wax/ flush, the boat will be fine. However, the painted steel trailer will be ruined if it is used in salt/ brackish water. Only the outside of the trailer is painted, the inside is bare metal.

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    You always have the option to winterize it, get it shrunk wraped and store it long term indoors.
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    This is what I would do also.
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    NO SALT WATER AT ALL!!! Trust me. Even the snaps for the top corrode. Washed it every time. Risers, manifolds and even a head. All rusted. Flushed every time. Nuf said.
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    Default Brackish Water

    Doesn't matter how well you clean and maintain, brackish and salt water will wear on the boat and trailer much faster than fresh. You can't ensure ALL of the salt is gone.

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    I have lived in Pensacola,FL and used boats here in fresh water and brackish water. Here, the fresh water rivers drain into the bay. Where I launch is about 5 miles up from the mouth of the river. When skiing, you can't detect any hint of salt water, but it's there.
    My 99 MC boat was used on the river about 7 times in 2 yrs. The 5 yr old boat and trailer that came from KS, was a destroyed trailer. I rinsed the boat, engine and trailer after every use. The salt destroys the trailer from the inside. The outside still looked like new, but you could but a screwdriver through it in several places.

    Exhaust manifolds and risers will need to be inspected after the first season of used and every year after. Plan to replace at 5 yr. (Fresh water boats can go 20 yrs).

    When most buyers hear about salt/brackish, it's a deal breaker.

    Overall, it will be easier and cheaper to winterize and store.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I know I could just winterize it and let it sit in storage for a year but I would rather not do that. I do have some family members that I trust that go out with me and have drove the boat multiple times. So I'm probably just going to see if they want to use it or if they rather me just leave it in storage. I know you guys probably think I'm crazy for loaning my boat out but the family I loan it to has a 30K camper and I borrow it when I want and they borrow the boat. So it was a win win for everyone. Thanks again for the advice.
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