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    This section will only die if we all let it... Obviously for some of us skiing is not happening at the moment, but rest assured as soon as the ice comes off the lakes ,out comes the drysuits and wetsuits and we will be back at it.....

    Long live Slalom......
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    I am still here and looking forward to some big things once the ice thaws!

    Funny over on ball of spray a recurrent topic is the desire for an "entry level" slalom boat- which we used to have with the outback. There are apparently enough slalom nuts out there to make mastercraft want to invest R&D $ in the new prostar (beautiful!). I like this part of the forum and will continue to post here but I could see it dying now that the outback is dead.

    Long live slalom!
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    I'll admit it....I'm a traitor, but still enjoy seeing pics and stories so keep it up! I promise to strap my HO on this year and dig deep and post some pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skiyaker View Post
    There are apparently enough slalom nuts out there to make mastercraft want to invest R&D $ in the new prostar (beautiful!).
    I wonder why they feel the need to invest r&d? every boat manufacturer has a hull mold of an old dd waterski machine. start molding a few every year and drop an injected motor in it and you're set to go. I spent a lot of time in my buddys boomerang over the years and they really already have perfected the flat wake. put in a minimalist interior to keep pricing low and I bet you'd move a few every year.
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    Skiing is still alive on the Upper Allegheny. We have a camp on pool 8 of the river and there are at least 6 families that ski. We have a regulation ski course (tough to keep the course straight with the river current / debris). One family has a few barefoot skiiers who get at it in the mornings when we have glass.

    The wife my two boys and I ski and love the Outback wake. Neighbor has a 2012 Malibu Response that has a little softer wake and a lot thicker payment book.

    I'll commit to posting up some pictures since I understand that it didn't happen without pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fu-man View Post
    Just bought my first boat last fall. 03 outback DD. Love to ski/slalom.
    Congrats but around here we don't believe you until you post some pics of your baby.
    My Mom said I'm not allowed to get wet!
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    Here's my weekend I hope? Glad to see some input from y'all! I was scared this place was dying off. I know it's not a Moomba but my previous tug was and I liked it for everything it did for my family and I at the time.

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    I've been recuperating from knee surgery since May and never skiied last year for the first time ever. I got a second scope done and it is all cleaned out and ready to go. I had to give up basketball but damn if I give up skiing at least for awhile. Even when I get back to it, I will never be the same skier I was so I really don't have much to add except the smile on my face. I do read all that comes through this section and the help you guys give out is spot on.
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    slalom skiing is the one thing in the last 25 years I wish I never gave up, boy do I miss it, not that I was very good, but dang I really wish I could still do it. no chance at all now with age and knee's going bad
    Hey, Its Moomba time

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    Default Section Dying???

    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    Congrats but around here we don't believe you until you post some pics of your baby.
    Gorgeous Nauty! I will always admire DD boats, Corvette's on the water.

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