View Poll Results: When are you going to hit the water in 2014?

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  • Before Valentine's Day.

    5 6.49%
  • Before March 1, even if it's cold.

    3 3.90%
  • I'm no fool-- by April 1.

    15 19.48%
  • By Tax day-- April 15 or I want a refund.

    15 19.48%
  • By Mayday (5/1)-- or it's a true emergency!

    20 25.97%
  • Memorial Day (5/26) weekend???????

    17 22.08%
  • July 4th-- why do I have a boat anyway???

    2 2.60%
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    FINALLY looking to get on the water today. It's been a long haul. Even with decent weather, i've had to wait until I had some dry weather to work on some stuff on the boat since I don't have covered storage. I was able to get the gas tank pulled and replaced the rudder packing. That was the big job for me. While I had the gas tank out, it seemed like a natural time to install some transom lights. Also had to replace the bilge pump and while I was at it, I installed a new digital bilge switch instead of going with an all-in-one solution.

    Then had to fight with various things (P.S. don't lose the 'key' that holds the impeller on the shaft of the water pump!).

    Finally have the boat at least water-worthy as I NEEDED to get out on the water to enjoy today's unseasonably warm 90 degree weather!
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    We'll we pick up our new boat on the 24th so it should be Memorial Day weekend weather permitting. I was out on a friends boat last weekend for a little bit though. In WI it has been raining and cold so I'm not in a real hurry yet.....
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    Just hit the water in northern MI on the 11th. Air was 70s water was is the 40s. It was refreshing.

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