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    Quote Originally Posted by chadjitsu1 View Post
    There are actually 2 of them, one is orange and white and the other is green and white. Oh the decisions. Thats the reason for the rock bottom deal I'm willing to cut someone today.

    For a few weeks only (or until this super air 230 sells) I will offer rock bottom deals on 07 LSV's. So low the devil wouldn't go there.
    I'm again right there with ya! I'd be happy selling it at what I owe!! But, the White and Red 230 is a beaut and has less hours than that Green and White one.

    Looking very forward to tomorrow evening!! Drew, see ya there! Erik, you too man!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kriley View Post
    I have purchased 2 boats (1 used Supra and a new LSV) from Atlanta Marine -Fantastic group! I have had no issues in getting help over the phone or visiting the dealer. They are very focused on customer satisfaction and thus they have got my repeat business! I too wish they where in to the watersports as Singleton is but this could raise their prices as well....
    Drew - I hope to see you at the Atlanta Marine Booth at the show -will you be at the show on Sat.?
    I'm hoping we will see more activities with Atlanta Marine this year. Last year they grew so much with the MBAtlanta service acquisition and improvements to the dealership location, etc.

    Yes, I plan to be at the show on Sat and hope to see you there.

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    Wish I was going. Alas, soccer and basketball commitments. Why do I keep getting myself into this stuff?
    My Mom said I'm not allowed to get wet!
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