Happy New Year to everyone, haven't been by in a while. Sold my '05 LS back in September and even with the cold weather I've got an itch again. Me and the wife are thinking of taking a trip up to Atlanta for the boat show on Friday night/Saturday. I am not set on pulling the trigger on a brand new boat, but really want to check out a new Mojo and Mondo. When I bought my Mobius it was 5 years old with less the 100 hours. I found out quickly that low hours on an older boat isn't always a good thing. lots of corrosion from sitting up and took me a while to work some bugs out. With all that, (I've been dreaming of Nautiques forever) but I keep coming back to a Moomba. I love the looks, simplicity and the pricepoint. Just wanted to ask really how the boat show purchases worked. Do you have to sign the deal there? Are you able to take a couple weeks to decide? Will the reps point you in the direction of maybe a consignment boat or a boat on a lot somewhere? Honestly how good are the deals? What kind of price am I looking at for a new Mojo/Mondo from a boat show? And last, but importantly, I live in Southeast Georgia, so 4+ hours from Atlanta Marine. I can and will do most maintenance by myself, but how are they on giving help over the phone or maybe shipping warranty parts? Also is anyone having trouble with smaller warranty issues on new stuff? 4 hours is along way to fix a stitch in a seat or something small. Thanks in advance guys and sorry for the lengthy post.