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    Smile Christmas Miracle!

    Normally if I do something nice for someone, I don't tell it. But I am making an exception this time because it has a cool ending.

    I am aware of a family in my town that is struggling. So I decided to give the single mom some money to help with Christmas and asked if I could take her two kids Christmas shopping and out to supper. First she didn't want to take the money. But she said she would take it only if she could pay me back with her tax refund. I said that would be fine but she was under no obligation to do so. I took her kids and they picked out new shoes for themselves and picked out a gift for their mom as well. We stopped by my house to wrap the Mom's gift. Much to our surprise, they had never wrapped a gift before! The oldest is 16 yo. They picked to eat at Golden Corral. During the evening I explained to the kids how important it is to put others needs above your own. It is really the path to true happiness and you will always be blessed for it.

    All in all I spent $208 plus supper.

    Here is the cool part...

    Today I received a Christmas card from a family I met one time at a hotel in Alabama, back in June. (they were from Indiana) They said that they had been inspired by our story of Wake the World and sent a check for $2080! Exactly 10 times what I spent the day before. Stuff like that gives me chills... God is good...

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    That is pretty neat. The world needs more people that care for others. Happy holidays everyone.

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    pretty cool I'd say
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    wow, that is really great.
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    All I can say is, that is awsome. What a great Christmas message! You are right, God is good, and so are you for allowing him to work through you.
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    Very Cool!

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    Can't wait to see what Wake the World grows to in 2014, I feel our event might double in size. I plan on meeting with our church leaders after the first of the year to introduce them to WTW. We have recently changed churches after years of bouncing back and forth between the wife's and mine, found a great church we both enjoy. It's amassing what people do when they are given a chance to support something great. Our church family donated over 2,000 coats this winter.

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    Things seem to to be cruising right along for 2014. Besides all of the events that we have been having, here the new ones or the ones that are in the process of being planned.
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    Things are about to get real busy for me! Boat Shows, Wake N Flake, WSIA conference, fundraisers and then our season starts! I absolutely LOVE sharing our passion with others. It makes my life worthwhile...

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