Hi there I am in South Africa and we do not have a dealer out here so I hope somebody can help me with some of these questions. I Have a 2005 Mobius LSV EFI
1) Vapor Lock - When I use the boat for about 30 min and stop for more than 20 min the boat does not want to run. I starts for a few seconds and then stops again. If I leave it for about 1-2 hours it starts no problem. I have read a lot about vapour locks on the forum but have not found the answer to resolving this.
I have drained and cleaned the tank, installed new fuel filters, installed a water separator.
When the problem occurs and I feel the steel fuel pipe on-top of the fuel pump it is very hot.

2) I cannot seem to get my RPM over 4000 RPM when I am alone on the boat running on full throttle. What RPM should I expect to get and what could the reasons be that I am only achieving 4000 RPM

3) I am considering changing my prop. We are about 1400m (4200ft) above sea level and we use the boat mostly for wakeboarding. What type and size of prop do you suggest.