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I also saw this over the weekend at the ATL boat show. I am not totally sold on it yet. If I have to still load up one side of the boat with water then I'm totally out on it. If it works and they make it for the LSV then I will absolutely go out and immediately buy one.

I am waiting to see how it all pans out though first before jumping on board.
I'm thinking with physics in mind...the height of the wave will be primarily due to the weight of the boat. All this system is doing is changing the convergence of the wake by extending the hull (sideways, so one side is wider than the other from center, unlike Surfgate that makes one side longer). I have not seen this system in action, but I just don't see how in the world it would make the wake much "bigger" (i.e. taller). It may change the shape of the wake to make it more "surf-able", but I don't see how it could physically make it taller unless the effect of the convergence being later may allow the wake to develop a little further with a small increase in size, but I don't think they are making these systems so that you can go ballast-less.

The benefit I think that comes from all of these systems is you could essentially run as much weight as possible and even weight in both sides of the boat and still have a good (or better) surf wave then trying to make the boat list using weight. I run 1100 left locker and 0 right locker...now I could run 1100 in each (or just my current 550 in right), adding more total weight to my boat, which should make the wake bigger. I would be willing to bet you could run your normal wakeboard ballast setup and then use the Flow system for surfing and not have to change any ballast. I think that's the biggest benefit, is not switching ballast between the two sports, which is a HUGE plus in my book. There are so many times we want to switch back and forth since I wakeboard a lot more than my family or friends, but it's so time consuming emptying the 1100 down to around 500 and filling up the 500 that a lot of times I just say "screw it, I'll wakeboard tomorrow" since everybody else just wants to surf.