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I'm pretty sure you will like the way it pulls. I kinda compare the torque the Eco boost produces to be similar in the way my dads old 84 Big block chev used to pull. Lots of grunt, easily pulled the boat at highway speeds and hills , etc were no probs. Big difference was that truck ,got between 8,10 mpg, on a good day, compared to anywhere from 14 up to maybe 16. depending on circumstances of course.

I tend to drive heavy foot and use what ever power i have when it comes to hills etc and ECOBOOST has not disappointed.

Good to hear. While I did get 13.6 in the burb once, I plant my right foot and get 10-12 loaded or not. But going from a 7.4 to a 3.5 that has slightly more power is pretty crazy. Guess I can't wait to join the ford club.