There is so much that goes into fuel consumption. Is there a head wind? Are you driving in hills? Stop and go traffic? Any type of lift/leveling kit will reduce mileage. How you drive plays a big role, there are so many variables on individual mileage it's hard for everyone to get the same.

That being said the new Chevy may get better mileage but to achieve the "best in class fuel mileage" you are making some HEAVY sacrifices. You end up with a 5.3 L V8 with like 3.06 gear and a max towing capacity of like 6,000 lbs and it's an absolute dog.

Of all the half ton engine options the ecoboost is still the best combination of towing power and fuel mileage.

Look of TFL truck, they do real world testing of the major trucks going up the Ike gauntlet is Colorado. They recently just mashed up the new silverado with the 6.2, the ford ecoboost, and a Nisan Titan and hooked them to a 10,000 lb trailer and ran them up and down the hill. The ford posted the best time up however the Chevy 6.2 did very well on the down hill with its engine braking. (The measure rotor temps at the bottom)

I am one of those people who says so what if you have a few problems, that's what the warranty is for. Most major malfunctions will be found before the warranty expires and be fixed, that's what warranties are for.

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