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I hope all the mileage claims on here are not using onboard data but rather the tried and true miles driven off the odo and gallons replaced from a full tank to a full tank. there's enough articles out there from the automotive press world showing those onboard computers are a good guide but not real accurate. mike is thinking real world in his expectations based on what I have read on the eco that ford's claims are not real world but then NO sticker on any vehicle out there are reporting factual data.
I check mine with every fillup in both trucks. my 2k f150 heavyhalf has been turning 12.5-12.8 pretty consistently since I bought it in '07. the '98 ranger 4.0 4x4 I picked up here in wisconsin is turning 16.5 tank to tank. I see people with that engine stating 20. all I have to say is prove it.
Yup my data is hand calculated.

My F350 would pretty consistently read 1.5mpg better then its really getting LOL.

So fare the F150 shows 17.3mpg on its first tank but im still over 1/2 tank at 280 miles which looks pretty decent. I do have a 36 gal tank on this one so we will wait till its empty this Saturday and see how it is when i fill it up.