It's time to pull out the smoker during this winter lull and start making some jerky...I've tried lots of different recipes from ground beef to whole meat and nothing has really stuck out for me. I've tried lots of different recipes I could find online and I still find myself reaching for the overpriced bags at the gas station.

I have an electric smoker that feeds in the smoking 'pucks' and I've never figured out how long to keep blowing smoke. My first few batches I kept the smoke on the entire time and it was entirely over-smoked. The last few batches I smoked for about 1-1.5 hours and seemed much better. I keep cooking in the smoker with smoke off until done which is typically 3-4 hours of total cook time at around 175-200F. I've only tried mesquite and apple chips and would also like to know if there is a better wood to use for jerky.