So, me and a buddy have been thinking back about our history with wakeboarding. I started in 1996. I began snowboarding2 years earlier (the 94/95 season) and I'd grown up as a kid water skiing most my life.

My first wakeboard was a 1996 Neptune Impala.

And my buddy had a Neptune GTO. He was a slalom skiier and there were three of us that were living together in a house. My friend had just gotten his first tournament boat, a 1996 MB Sports Boss 200. One of the reasons I was down to rent a room from him was most certainly because he just bought a tournament boat!

I remember the first time I strapped my wakeboard on, I yelled "hit it" and stood right up. It was just like riding a snowboard on the water. I was crossing the wake that first pull and I was totally hooked. Later that season (or maybe the next season) I contributed to the cause buying my buddy a Skylon extended pole. Towers weren't even on the scene. (from my understanding, towers hit with the 1998 Sport Nautique).

Through the late 90's I was getting out what I consider a lot, 2 or 3 times a week throughout our Pacific NW summers...

So, that's where I started with wakeboarding. How about you all?