Maybe it is just me but I hate how the ballast switches are down low on the side of the drivers seat on my 07 LSV. I was always having to lean down so i could see the switches to make sure they were on or not. I was worried about leaving them on draining by accident and burning up the motor. So I decided to move it up by the armrest were it is easy access and visible. Not too hard to do:

1. removed seat and throttle
2. disconnect all the electrical connections from behind the panel for the stereo controls, wake plate, ballast switches, and check engine/v drive lights and engine cut off.
3. remove 4 screw caps and screws and remove the entire panel.
4. Remove the ballast switch plate and decide where you want it positioned on the panel.
5. I used a razor blade to cut where the plate was going to go and then scraped off the vinyl and then cut out the hole on the hard backing with a jig saw.
6. placed the panel back in place and traced out the hole onto the fiber glass so I knew where to cut.
7. cut out the hole in the fiberglass.
8. replaced the panel and reconnected all the electrical. The wiring harness for the ballast does not need to be modified at all, just simply plug it back in to the new position. While I had the electrical wires disconnected for the engine cut off/lanyard, I modified the two ends and plugged them in together so the switch in no longer connected (I had problems with the seat bumping the switch and cutting out the engine).
9. replace the throttle and seat and you're all done.

we were on the lake last week and I loved having the switches in plain sight and easy to use. No issue at all with bumping the switches with the right arm as you are driving.