I was laughing when I decided to post this thread, so after reading a ton of posts, I figured I better get some advice on which mods to tackle first, second, and so on...... There are some great ideas on here.
I'm your typical guy, with a love for hobbies, having said that, I probably have too many, HAHA! Is there such a thing?? I'd like to do a few mods to the boat to break the ice. I'm a 41 yr old rookie to owning a Moomba, wakeboard/surf boat. I've never wakesurfed, but guarantee that I will be this year. I've only wakeboarded a few times, same guarantee there too. I love the water! I've owned a boat, but never really got to enjoy anything but the occasional ski, tube, and cruising with a cooler full of refreshments. I've mainly kept busy until now on a Kawasaki 800 stand up. I'm hoping with this Perfect Pass, I can get it set so my girlfriend, or whoever else shows up ,can finally pull me around.
I'm looking for some key upgrades that will enhance my on the water experience. As a beginner what makes sense? I'm up for planning ahead as my skills gets better. I assume what I have is stock.
Maybe I should just polish the speaker rack and call it good??
I've had a great time hanging around these Forums, lots of good laughs, sarcasm, givin others grief, etc... So I expect nothing less. Having said all that, I'm ready to get started!