My plan: 13 OBV

I am going to throw my 2 stock rear #400 bags (after upgrading to #750) under the bow seats as an IBS and if I think the IBS would work better then go that route. I am going to piggy back them off my Locker Sac with a shut off to all sacs.

How can I set this up so that it does not screw up my timers on the pumps if I forget to open a valve ect.

I was thinking of having aprox. 60% be the locker. (But then if I forget to stop it at 60% I will just be pumping water back to the lake as the % goes up and when I empty the pumps will dry run for as long as it over ran)

Then if I set 100% as the locker sac then filling the bow sacs 30 sec at a time which is just a big pain in the a**.

I know the IBS has surf benefits but does anyone run IBS and Locker while boarding?
Does anyone just use IBS and remove the Locker Sac?

I was hoping someone has this same setup and has some experience.