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This is obviously the best route if done on schedule. But, it's also the one maintenance item so many people seem to skip. So, if I buy a vehicle with around 50-70k on it I'll do a full change and then do it again every time after that.
Absolutely, as in your case you have a system of flushing it all out each time so its ok. I would only be concerned if you have high mileage 100K+ or don't know the history.

Case in point, the Vette is turning 140K tomorrow, maintenance book shows it got a full trans rebuilt at 120ish but I will still only drop the pan, change filter and keep going. Just the way I do it lol.

On the diesels I had it was simple, the pan had a drain plug in it. I would drain them at 12K and refill, then change filter every other drain.