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Is that 7 trucks since 2006? My story is the exact opposite: I bought one in 2000 and I'm still driving it. I sound boring by comparison.
Yes that sounds about right. I didn't even mention the V6 4x4 S10 I had after that little 4cyl S10, then decided I wanted a full size so bought a 03 Ram quad cab, then traded that in on the new Frontier. Kept going back and forth between big truck and small truck lol, trade off space for gas mileage and couldn't decide. Now I just decided it makes more sense to have a big cheap truck and drive a good gas mileage car (averaging about 32 in my Mazda3).

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I've been really happy with my '12 F150 Ecoboost, pulls the mojo with ease. It's my daily driver and it's great for long haul family road trips. The gas mileage certainly isn't that of a Prius but it's great for a supercrew cab pickup that can pull stumps when you need it to.
Once my lease is up on my car I'm going to strongly consider going to an Ecoboost and only having one vehicle. I like driving a truck every day, but they are just getting to the point of decent enough gas mileage to do so. I need the full 6' bed for my fifth wheel and if it's my daily driver I need a quad cab, and it looks like Ford is now making the F150 with the full bed with a quad cab since I've seen a few on the road. My big hang up for trucks as a daily is I need quad cab with the full bed, and that's been only a 3/4 ton until now but I don't want to only get 12mpg (not willing to pay for a diesel, too expensive). Plus the Ecoboost is a beast, higher tow rating than my 3/4 ton dodge. I don't think any of the other manufacturers are doing quad cabs with full beds (except Dodge, but their "quad cab" is basically an extended cab with full rear doors, the Hemi is a hog, and their new V6 with the 8speed trans that gets 25mpg can't tow much).