I have been lurking on the forum for a while and have learned a ton about wakeboard boats. I am hopeful that this spring that my wife and I will be able to buy our first boat. We currently have a jet ski and use it like a boat (wakeboarding/skating). Our budget has us looking at older Mobius LSV or similar v-drive 20 ft. boats. We need a tow vehicle and I have NO experience with towing anything bigger then our old jet ski.

Here is what we need:

  • We have 2 cabins in the family both 3 to 4 hour drives away mostly highway. We would leave the boat at one cabin most of the time and tow it home or to the other cabin 3 to 4 times a summer.
  • We live in Minnesota so the terrain is pretty flat
  • We are looking for 4 doors. We are planning on starting a family soon.
  • Need something nice but any extra money spent on tow vehicle is coming directly out of the Boat budget money. Need to find a nice balance
  • We have a kia spectra at home for everyday driving and tow vehicle would get used sparingly at home.

  • Do people tow with SUV's or should I be thinking truck all the way?
  • What type of engines should I be looking for (liters and v6, v8..)?

Any thoughts/suggestions/info. would be greatly appreciated. Just looking for the best bang for my buck so I can spend more on a boat.