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    I hate hotels and their stupid pet policies. I have to work out of town between Christmas and New Years. So here is a thought, bring the family and my black lab with me. But NO, can't do that. Every hotel in the area either does not allow pets, or only allows pets under 35 pounds. It has happened to me before, and continues to happen. It's BS that they allow little dogs that bark all day, but won't allow a 12 year old, 65 pound lab that sleeps most of the day, and wouldn't harm a fly.

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    Well, I certainly understand a "NO PETS" policy. But, if a hotel is going to allow pets, what's the big difference between a 35 lb dog and a 36 lb dog?

    What city are you headed to? Maybe we can find you some help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    what's the big difference between a 35 lb dog and a 36 lb dog?
    WAIT... I know the answer to this one.......

    stupid hotesl... when I was moving to green bay, I stopped 2x to spend the night. it was cheaper to sit in the parking lot and make the hotel reservation using my phone on expedia and go in with that confirmation than speaking to the night desk clerk and asking for the "best" rate... why is that?
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    I hate drivers who don't understand the concept of the 'Fast' lane. Get out of my way! And as far as driving goes why is diesel about $1.00 more then unleaded fuel??? It's a bi product of making gas. It should be cheaper! Like it used to be! I also hate winter.

    Snow makes me angry and being cold is enough to send me into an anxiety attack (a little exaggerated) I can't be on the water or ride motorcycles. Winter is a sad time of the year for me.

    great thread.
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    Why does a continental breakfast at my hotel in New Zealand cost $20?????

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    why does David's red raiders have to face a far superior Baylor opponent tonight

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    Old thread....

    Why does she feel like, without checking first, she needs to invite ANYONE IN THE WORLD WHO COULD POSSIBLY GO for the maiden voyage / shake down run of the year where I'll be flipping switches, opening compartments, climbing around, re-tune stereo if necessary, checking ballast bags and testing things...

    Oh yeah,,, it's much more enjoyable to do this kind of thing when there's 10 people aboard.
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    Hahaha have fun!

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    Preach Berg, preach haha

    I had to do that with all the in-laws.... 😤💥🔫
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    that does suck. You should start opening up stuff and go "oo shoot we are sinking" then get everyone in life vests and forget to tell them for the rest of the day you are not sinking.
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