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    Default LED Lightbulbs: Looking for some info (not strip lights for boat)


    I am looking to replace my outside lightbulbs that are incandescent to something much brighter and energy efficient. I was perusing HD last night and did a little looking, talked to one of the associates about my needs and such, and wanted to see if you folks had a lead on an online spot I can purchase LED lightbulbs for a much more reasonable cost than what HD or Lowes is selling them for? (or am I naive in thinking that LED lightbulbs will be had for cheaper elsewhere?) Some of the bulbs were upwards of $35 for one!

    I just know that a bunch of you are working with LED strips and small bulbs for your boats and such so I thought I'd throw it out there. Maybe you've done this and can share some insight (what you bought, where you bought them, how they are working out, have you seen you're energy costs going down)?

    I have daylight sensors on my outside lights also, so any replacements I get will have to work with them.

    Or should I just go with the curly Q bulbs and save myself some money upfront but have a little better efficiency and a brighter output?

    100 Watt MAX
    Type A Bulbs


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