So after 2 1/2 years my divorce is finally over, however so is my Outback. While I got to keep my lake house I lost my boat. Not sure what she was trying to prove or who she thought she was hurting becasue I can still ski everyday its the kids that got screwed.

While I digress.

I was going to ask if Moomba had made any improvements or invested any R&D money into the Outback but that seems to be a moot point now as it appears to have been dropped from the line.

Any one want to bring me up to speed? I have a strong suspision I'm going to have to leave the Skiers Choice family after 7 yrs.

Those who remember me know I'm a hardcore skier and that my lake frontage won't allow me to have a V Drive.
On top of this my kids started competing in waterski tournaments this year and my little 10 yr old princess is kicking capital A!