I'm in need of some info from you much more knowledgeable folks than I am. Here's the purpose: I want to hang my z5 rack from my garage ceiling, and I want it to be upside so it can go fairly flush. I want to get this thing out of the way and I have tall ceilings that will help with this.

I'd like to find some cheap but sturdy pulleys and anchors for this job but I'm not sure what to look for or get. The first question I have is how to anchor the pulleys into the stud of the ceiling. I had looked at HD the other day just for sh*ts and giggles and I found one that "could" work maxing out at 125 lbs. or so. It had a circular "fast eye hook" if thats what you call it. It was a Lehigh Zinc plated 2 inch pulley. I'm not sure how to anchor it in the ceiling though. I want to have a 3 point system, so any ideas and if you can provide links or names of hardware I should look for I'd appreciate it.