Now that some real progress has been made I thought I would share what we have been up to the past few weeks. We are in the middle of building a 23'6 x 32 detached garage for the boat and truck. This thing has 14ft high ceilings! Walls went up yesterday and the height is just crazy. For the boat, I did a 10x12 door, and the truck got a 10x8. The back side of the building has a 8x7 to open for air flow and so we have a view of the water. We plan on building a deck off the back, which would wind up about 10 ft. higher than the water level. We did a walk in door on the side between the house.

This project has been in the works for months, but finally took off. We are limited on width due to property line, otherwise I would have gone for 25 wide. Hopefully the pics will kinda tell the story, but I am super pumped to see this thing finally standing. We had to tear the storage building in the first pictures down for the project, and last night we stood it back up. It will be tied into the main structure as one, divided off as a storage building for mowers and such with the original double doors on the outside so none of the messy yard stuff and equipment I have will have to be on the clean side. There is also a door from the main side going into the storage building, which you can see framed on the right side. They are sheeting today, and expect to have the whole thing sided and dried in early next week.