So after reading through some of the replies in the Bigger Motor post, I am likely to change my initial selection of the 330 engine and go with the 345 engine.

Within this post there was also discussion of single vs tandem axle trailer and rather than hijack that post I figured it would be better to start a new post.

I read some of your replies concerning the pros and cons of a single vs tandem axle trailer.

The upgrade cost does not worry me if it would be the better choice. I have absolutely zero experience with trailering. My boat will be in a 3rd stall garage and I would like to have the ability to move it around in the garage if possible. Since I will be keeping my boat in the garage and there is not a great place to boat close to our home, I likely will be traveling varying distances to our boating destination for the day.

That being said, I am curious what people would suggest.