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    Default Winterizing when the boat that stays in the water?

    Hi all,

    My college waterski club has a 2008 Moomba Outback that stays in the water during the season. In the past we've winterized my parents' boat (which stays on a lift) when the air temp starts dipping below freezing at night, however I can't seem to find any suggestions on when to winterize a boat that sits in the water. My intuition says it would be able to stay un-winterized longer since the water temp is usually higher (especially in the southern US where we are) but I'm not sure.

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    Thats true but you still have water in the manifolds and block that can freeze. In the south you can get away with not winterizing most of the time . Just remember it only takes 1 time to cause major problems. I think a bilge heater would be a good investment or at least drain the water out of the block and manifolds.

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    You might think about pulling her out and draining everything when you go home for T-giving. How much skiing do you guys do in the run up to finals?
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    A boat that sits in the water, will be about the temp of the water due to transfer. SO if the water stays warmer then the air, the drive train should not freeze. Our local lake does not get below 50* during the winters. We have marinas full of slip'd boats that stay in the water year round. So if you feel that the boat will not freeze sitting in the water, all you need to do is all the normal services minus the water draining.

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