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    Default A Battery Discussion; 6V vs. 12V

    It seems like many of us are planning to do the 6 volt swap over winter, and others have questioned it, so I figured I’d share my rationale for making the switch.

    For comparison sake, I chose to compare 2 of the easiest to obtain ‘golf cart’ 6 volt batteries (the Interstate GC2-XHD UT (formerly the u2200), and the Exide GC135) to the Deka DC24 and DC27, which are deep cycle marine Group 24 and Group 27, respectively, and available under many different private label brand names.

    Looking at the chart, you’ll find that 2 of the 6 volt batteries will be equal in capacity, weight, and cost to 3 of the Group 24, and like 2.5 of the Group 27s.

    For me, putting 4 batteries in my boat (3 house, 1 start) will be more work than I want, so the easy choice was to get the 2 best performers I could.

    Also important to note, the above chart shows MSRP - I was not able to locate a source for the Interstate batteries (which MMANDLEY is using) so I researched and located the comparable Exide, and was quoted $119 ea, further enforcing that this is the best choice for my needs.
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