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    Default Swivel Seat for 2013 OBV (I have reviewed the previous forums)

    I just bought a new 2013 OBV but the issue is that I am currently 8 hours away from the boat so I do not have anything to really look at.

    I have seen the seat mods on the previous year boats but is it the same for the 13?

    What is the reason for adding the riser to rear? Is it to keep the back from hitting the arm rest when it swivels?

    Would this swivel with 7 degree rise work for that application? Looking at it I may have to plate the swivel to the base.

    Now I just get to sit and wait for spring. Glad to join you guys in the Moomba Family!!!

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    I think on mine we raised the back so when you swiveled around you were level not dumped completely forward. (it was leaning back a bit so swiveling 180 would make you leaning way forward when facing to the rear). Uh, I think that 's it anyway.
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    I agree with Kaneboats. You need the 7 degree angle to level out the seat. The thing I did not like was that even though the seat was now level in all 360 degrees of rotation, the seat also felt tipped forward all the way around too. To fix it, I put the 7 degrees of forward tilt under the swivel, and then 7 degrees of rearward tilt on top of the swivel. This brought the seat back to its original feel, and stayed that way no matter which way it was turned.

    You can see in the pic that the swivel is level with the floor, and the seat is still in its original leaned back position.

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