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    LOL - sorry. Just had a mental picture in my head I had to fulfill of wrenches, nuts, props gliding down to a sandy/muddy tomb with some guy frantically swimming after them.

    My buddy actually launched his boat one time without the prop on it. Pushed off the dock, stuck it in gear, wouldn't move. Wife was looking at him all in a panic. Started drifting away. He thought the tranny was shot. Got a wave runner to nudge him back over to the dock. About halfway there it dawned on him - the freshly repaired prop was sitting in a box in the back of his SUV up in the parking lot. Good thing too as I thought they (and all their damned kids) were going to have to join us and that would have made for 12 on the boat all day...

    I suppose I would be wise to bring my old prop along on some of our week long trips. Starting next year anyway. Any one know where the best price is for a prop puller? Need to add that to my Christmas list.
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    I always had a spare when we had an IO. when we first got the LSV, i did not have a prop. I think that Scott is planning a trip to Lake Powell, he lives in Utah and LP is almost the best place on the planet. so he knows that he may be hours from the trailer, there are always lots of rocks hiding just below the surface in the most unusual places. he is afraid that just when he starts surfing, his tweener child drives right where he said not to go and shred the prop on the rock that was 3' under water. now the prop is so badly damaged that he can't even pass the houseboats going up the channel.

    ohh, oops, that is my story, my prop, i always carry a spare prop, puller, key (s) nut, etc. you will lose a key or two, probably not the nut, when you try to change in the water. some type of breathing aid would be good, don't suggest trying where you can't touch the bottom.
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    Don't go and jinks me now yearround! that is exactly what I am afraid of as we are heading down to Lake Powell first thing tomorrow morning The kids are out of school for Fall bread so we are going to enjoy the lake with a couple other families. The weather will be a little on the cooler side but should be a great time. LP truely is about the greatest place on earth! A new prop is on Santa's list this Christmas....
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