I have a large list and probably none of it will actually get done seeing as how I wont have a chance to do any of it until about march next year and well then it's time to use the boat again. I am kind of in a pickle. What I would LIKE to get done is

-Install Interior LEDs throughout the boat
-Add Perfect Pass
-Install LEDs in storage areas and wire to a switch so they come on when the storage is accessed
-Removed all amps, design and build new amp boars removing the factory one up against the bow seat so I can push the batteries forward for more usable space
-Move to 4 XM9s
-Add drain pumps to the IBS
-Add check valves to all ballast bag drain/vent lines
-Replace steering cable
-Dismount all 4 tires and have them flipped on their rims
-Add swivel drivers seat
-Pin stripe tape the gap in the window frame and the window tent

I will need to find a storage unit close to my house to do all this too, I figure If I can move the boat close to the house when I first get off week and work on it pretty religiously all day every day for 3 weeks or so I can knock this out. Problem is I get home next Friday and it will still be boating season, plus I have my wedding and honeymoon while I am home, then it is back to work until mid December. In December it will be the usual Christmas hussle which means no money and not as much time to get the work done. I go back to work mid January and will come home mid-early February and I have a week and a half long class I have to attend while I am home that time so that cuts into My time. Go back to work early March and come early April and by that time the boat better be working cause I will be using it. I could spread it out but I don't want to pay for the storage any longer than I have to. Was trying to get it only for a month and be done. We will see.